Knowles Manufacturing Co.

Model W1000A-8, Ten Ton Capacity Structural Steel Wagon

The new and improved Model W1000A-8 has many exclusive features: 8-Bolt hubs and 2-1/4" diameter spindles are standard equipment. All points of wear are equipped with renewable bushings and grease fittings.The axles are made of 4x6 structural tubing and are rigidly braced with heavy formed channels.The steering mechanism is the latest (one-point) automotive type designed for short turning. Solid 1" diameter tie rods are located to rear of axle. A new and improved telescopic EASY HITCH tongue is standard equipment. All Knowles wagons are known for their ability to trail without whipping. Knowles Model W1000A-8_ Ten Ton Capacity Structural Steel Wagon 72 DPI.gif (10645 bytes)


Capacity - 20,000 lbs. Tie Rods - 1" Diameter to Rear of Axle
Treadwidth - 75" Bolster Stakes -- 38" to42"
Spindles - 2-1/4" OD Wheelbase - Adjustable from 8-12 Feet
Steering - Automotive Type Weight Less Tires - 868 lbs.
Wheels - 15 x 10.00, 16 x 10.00, 16.1 x 11 or 16.5 x 8.25 Drop Center All Points of Wear Equipped with Renewable Bushings
Hubs - Heavy Duty 8-Bolt Thrust Washers on Spindles
Hub Bearings - Tapered Roller Rear Tow Hitch - Standard Equipment
Reach Tube - 3-1/2" OD Axles - 4 x 6 x 1/4" Tubing
Hinge Bolt - 1-1/8" Diameter Tongue - Telescopic EASY HITCH


Bolster Blocks Tires
Flexible Bolsters EASY LIFT Tongue Support
EASY RIDE Spring Stake Assemblies Rectangular Extendible Tongue
-Extra Long
Lights Safety Chains
Electric or Inertia-Hydraulic Brakes - Factory Installed Only

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