Knowles Manufacturing Co.

Combine Header Transport Trailer: Model CH-70

This new and improved transport trailer is designed to move or store all popular combine heads.Various adjustments can be made to accommodate the user's equipment.The heavy tubular frame is mounted on the always reliable KNOWLES running gear.

Knowles Combine Header Transport Trailer Model CH-70 72 DPI.gif (5570 bytes)


Overall length 29'

Above ground height :

Overall width 81"

    Upper bar 26-1/2" - 42"

Tongue telescope 17-1/2"

    Lower bar at axle 22-1/2"

Tongue - fixed length 138", 144" and 150"

    Lower bar with offset down 18-1/2"

Length of upper and lower rest bars19'9"

    Lower bar with offset up 26-1/2"

Distance between bar rests:

Capacity 7000 lbs.

29"- 54" adjustable to any increment

Weight 1130 lbs.

Tires 20.5 x 8-10

Two adjustable header locating pads

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